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Until I can generate at a minimum of $300.00 per month I will still have to sell my drone video services. BUT that takes away from the real focus, living a simple but fulfilling live aboard and sharing that with you. The goal is to have the vast majority of funding, if not all the funding for these videos through the help of individuals, such as yourself. This is not about getting rich, dollar wise, but rich in connections and sharing life

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You pick how much you are willing to contribute per video to help keep the videos coming. This is per cruising/living on board video (I hope to post at least three per month) or you can set a monthly limit. The money is used for everyday survival and equipment upgrades, which is never ending! Every little bit counts and is valued. If you like what you see consider joining my Patreon community, you get things like exclusive behind the séance view of life on board, special events such as on-on-one quarterly Skype call with myself, be a guest in one or more of the videos.

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