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What people are saying:


Mate, I’ve really got to congratulate you on your amazing clarity of thought and explanation, and the fine quality of whatever mike you were using. It makes such a difference to be able to understand every word, especially as everything you said was rational. Thank you so much for your video – I’ve decided now to look into the availability of this Key Klamp type railing here in the UK. Very kindest wishes.


Great video and real pertinent information. I spent time on the bay and it’s a great place. The only thing I’d add is look behind you often. It may be 95 and sunny in front of you and completely black behind you and coming faster than you think. Like maybe 15-20 minutes and you think it’s an hour away cause it’s hard to judge the distance on the water when you can barley see the hazy shore. Also keep an eye out for ships coming up behind you. The bay is great. Relax and enjoy. But don’t become complacent.


It is always a pleasure to watch the sailing videos here. Its low key, diy, a little product and local business promotion, family oriented and other good stuff are refreshing against the many over hyped sailing videos typical of youtube. Happy sailing to you.


Love watching your channel. And discovering the different reviews on the places and marinas in the Chesapeake bay. Love it


Excellent presentation! Lots of knowledge and experience. The only question I have is: Is the water in the Chesapeake Bay wet? LOL Thank you very much for passing your experience on to us!


Thanks for all the tips. I just spent my morning tuning all the rigging and am stoked to see how my sailboat performs tomorrow 😁

Hideaway sailing   Wow I think I have found my new favourite YouTube channel ️


Great video – very helpful for new boater learning how to use the VHF on the water! Thank-you.


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