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Social Media Planning Made Easy

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  1.  Establish what platforms you are going to use
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3.  YouTube
    4. Newsletters
    5. Website
    6. Pinterest
  2.     Set goals for each platform
    1. For example: increase FB page likes by 14% over the next 30 days
  3.     Analyze competition
    1. Look at their Facebook page, and other platforms they use
    2. Signup for their newsletters
  4.     Audit your content
    1. What are you currently using
    3. How old is the content
    4. Is it still relevant
  5.     Make a list of key words and phases
    1. This way you can use them in your post
  6.     Choose content types
    1. Short form videos
    2. Long form videos
    3.   Live videos
    4. Events
    5. Pictures
    6.  Written
  7.     Create content
    1. Who will be responsible
    2. What equipment do you need
    3.   Have a KEY content checklist
  8.     Have a call to action
    1. Include clickable links in your post
    2. “Call for rate and availability”
    3.   Conduct a poll
  9.     Ask visitors to post pictures of
    1.     Sunset
    2.     Activities
    3.    Their boat
    4.    Their pet
    5.    Etc.
  10. Develop a posting schedule
      1. Many platforms your post can be scheduled
      2. Try to post a specific topic on a set day
  11. Compare your results with your goals
    1. Adjust your strategy as needed