The bad news good news on Bohemia Bay

As I was relaxing after a hard day of work I was sitting in my EZ Hang chair and looking around B. Vista Marina and the Bohemia Rive and came up with these thoughts:

  1. Bad news: boats with a 5ft draft will have trouble navigating the B. River at low tide
  2. Good news: at mid to high tide no problem
  3. Bad news:  global warming is a fact, whether it is man induced or a natural change of the earth’s climate
  4. Good news: B. River/Bay will soon have a MLW of 7ft of more
  5. Bad news:  at high tide everything will be under water
  6. Good news: except the floating piers at B. Vista Marina
  7. Summary: Everyone needs to have boat
  8. Side note: the team at B. Vista and the new owners, Safe Harbor Marinas are doing a supper job of improving the marina.





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