Update Wednesday Upper Chesapeake Bay Journey

After morning coffee I departed for Tolchester Marina, only 2 ½ hours by sailboat north of Rock Hall.  Tuesday night the winds were south at 20kn, however, by morning there was NO wind.  So I motored the entire way.  Everything ran great, no issues.

Getting into Tolchester is very simple even in windy conditions.  On the weekends this is party central, however, if you like a little more layback location try Tolchester during the week.  Same great place, floating piers, sandy beach, great sunsets.

Although they are getting ready for the winter season at the boatyard, there is some great fall cruising ahead.

After a hard day of relaxing and watching the sunset I treated myself to a steak dinner, New York strip for Bayside Foods and an exceptional bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from North Point Marina.






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