Recap Tuesday Sept 13

Recap Tuesday Sept 13

I am at Tolchester Marina enjoying the breeze on the beach and watching the boats go by.  I will be back on the beach for the sunset.  See it tomorrows post. Tuesday started with a bike ride to Java Rock for some morning pick me up, coffee.  Then a trip to Bayside Foods to finish provisioning for the rest of my Upper Bay journey.  The rest of the day, well part of the day was spent doing a final check of the boat systems.  I found my fresh water pump stopped working.  I am not that concerned about it right now as I am only planning one or two nights at anchor, the rest of the time I am going to be marina hopping.  When I get back I am going to put a Groco pump in, they are much more durable than the one I have.

One of the things I want to mention about North Point is how precise the piers are constructed.  I like to loop my lines around the pylon and have both the eye and bitter end on the boat.  That way when I get ready to depart I just pull the line back on board without having to jump off the boat.  The issue at some of the marinas is the pier boards are not tight against the pylon and the lines can get caught causing problems.  At North Point that is not an issue.






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